Hello There!

 RIght now this website is more like a time capsule of a lot of previous work, but I hope to be updating it soon!

My Instagram and blog are current, so check them out if you want to see what I’m up to!

Hello! I'm Lexi Vay, an illustrator, 2D animator, and character designer!

I work at Hallmark eCards designing and animating short-form animated content. From storyboard to soundmix, I enjoy working with all parts of the animation pipeline and I experiment with many different styles of animation (traditional, rigged puppet, motion graphics) and combinations of mediums (digital/traditional art, live action, miniature) to create unique and interesting pieces.

Previously , I worked at Disney Interactive on various MMOs such as Pixie Hollow and Club Penguin, painting concept art and making 3D production assets for the games.

I also have experience modeling and texturing 3D assets, compositing and editing, and crafting miniatures.

My goals include creating original comic books, cool video games, and continuing to create animations because I really love all of those mediums!

In my free time I usually enjoy sketching, mostly in pen, and I’m really into fountain pens ! I also enjoy playing videogames, watching anime, reading comics, and doing various crafting projects I pick up and drop— I’ve done knitting and crocheting, making (many different styles of) books, building gundams, weaving paracord bracelets and lanyards, sewing clothes, baking, and at times building swedish furniture.